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Professional navigator, sea captain, yacht captain (FIA MPX, KVIMU).
My entire adult life (and a good part of my teenage years) I worked on sailing ships of various classes and tonnage, starting with “Kruzenshtern.” By chance, or by fate, some years ago I found myself in Canada, where I am living now, visiting from time to time far corners of the world, mostly for business.

I write short stories, and sometimes, even the poems. Anyway, remember one of the the fairy tales? – Once upon a time there was an old man and an old woman and they had three sons, two of them were smart and a third was a sailor …

So … don’t be hard on me!

3 Responses to Navigator

  1. Shauna Bean

    Hi Sergei, so I am the friend of the Allen Brother’s that lives in the Bahamas. I promise to do all that I can to help you out on your endeavors while you find yourself in my area! We are friends with the owner/operator of the marinas here in Grand Bahama, Preben Olesen, and he has said that you can dock at the Grand Bahama Yaught Club and that he would alert his colleagues at a Palm Beach Marina called Old Port Cove, of your mission as well, and was certain that they would help you out as well before you head out in the Atlantic to the Bahamian Island and ME! I also have a guesthouse on the beach which I would LOVE to share with you and Chris when you arrive if you would like to get off of the boat for a bit! I LOVE both the Allen boys and am MORE THAN HAPPY to help out any friend of theirs! Hope to meet you soon, Sergei, and
    feel free to email me any questions or requests.

    Shauna Bean

  2. Sherlyn

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  3. Vincent Renz

    Sergei, my brother Bill has been having me try to find you for years.

    I’ve been looking too far from home.

    We live north of Boston, in the old seaport of Newburyport.

    Can you call me?


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