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Map & Schedule

From Halifax to the Caribbean via Bermuda – approximately 1,500 miles.
Panama Canal – out into the Pacific Ocean to French Polynesia.
French Polynesia to the Australia, port Darwin.
Port Darwin – Mauritius, Indian Ocean.
Mauritius – Cape Town.
Cape Town – Brazil, possibly through Saint Helena island
Brazil – Barbados – the last stage of the journey.

6 Responses to Map & Schedule

  1. Doug Jarvis

    I am the retired teacher (guy) you used to talk to with and used a locker close to yours. I was quite concerned when I read about your venture in our local newspaper. Best of Luck Sergi. Many of us at the YMCA are wishing a safe and successful voyage. Please keep us up-to-date on you travels.

  2. Doug Jarvis

    All the Best Wishes for a Happy New Year and throughout 2012.

  3. Serg

    Thanks, Doug!
    Best Wishes for happy New Year for you to!

  4. abdulkareem

    how many hours does it takes to enter Australia from mauritius

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  6. savingplaza

    I want to make this, but don’t have a pressure cooker. Can you add a note of how long to cook the soup in just a dutch oven? Thanks!

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