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Little pleasures of my married life, or – Realize the dream! Pt.2

Posted by on October 14, 2011

As you might remember, it’s been a while since I got married. She is my forth choice and yet it is not a drawback. I had had some valuable experience that I now gladly share with you. That’s what I started with – to our mutual pleasure.
First of all, I checked and cleared the chain locker and all the closets, chests and lockers. Everything that’s going to be thrown away I put under the keel-block.

Everything that can ever prove useful – left on board, outside.

Then, recovered after the emotional outburst of the first meeting, I grasped the nettle and washed every inch of her, checking in between braces strength or any birds or mice lying around. While in tropics, these little creatures can serve me a dirty trick, and there will be no Dr. Dolittle to help. That’s why I checked and washed EVERYTHING.

I started with forepeak as I always used to do. After it dried, I painted it – something white and something blue. They are sailors’ favourite colors by the way!

When the forepeak was ready…

… I brought there cushions – already dry and aired…

… and chanced upon a latrine. Soon it gained blinding glare.

After the latrine was done, I smoothly passed on to the state room, a place where we have long and (hopefully) happy life ahead of us. The room is cleaned.

Now it’s dried and painted and all the soft back-rests are ready for reupholstery. I had bought some fantastic fabric – you’ll see.

In between, as long as the weather allowed, I checked and dried the sails. Well, not out this world, but quite decent ones. In 2003 Sasha and I had much worse sails; still it didn’t put a crimp into our Five Thousand Miles of Happiness. These sails are quite fit to go around the world!

Having dried and peeled the old filling from the false keel, I started puttying it.

Little by little, every day I put the filling in thin layers to smoother the joint between the ship hull and the false keel – just for good look’s sake.

Yesterday all the cushions and couch bask-rests were taken for reupholstery and I finished painting the forepeak. The price for having all the couches and cushions re-covered (that’s 12 pieces plus seven curtains) is $1, 350, which is the best price in town given that it’s the professional who REALLY knows his job.

Navigator’s room with a berth and storage battery room are cleaned, washed, dried and pained.

The galley and the engine room are the only ones left untouched inside, and then I finally can start preparing the hull.

That’s what I was doing for the first two weeks, my dear friends. It’s a shame that I could only spend three or four (sometimes only one or two) hours a day, because, you know, I have other business to do. But the thing is – I did at least a little something every day! So and no other way will we push forward to our dream. Although it’s also crucial to choose your Miss Right, who of course has to be an orphan to avoid such further announcements as:

- Dear seismologists! Please be so kind as to inform about all big coming earthquakes in advance. My mother-in-law is choosing a country to go on holiday.

After you sweat your guts out, it’s great to sit and think:
“How freaking good! Thank God for this wonderful gift”

You know, it’s my birthday in June. Hope to celebrate it on board. Do you think I’ll finish by that time?

And as usual – a short video for you to make sure that we’re inching along to our dream.

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