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I get married or Realize the dream! Pt 1.

Posted by on October 11, 2011

She is a Canadian, born in 1972, i.e. eight years younger than me, her name is Hikari, which means “impulse of light” in Japanese… She is silent, modest. I confess, I felt in love at first sight, because it all happened so quickly and … yes, it was supposed to happen, you know!

For those who really want it, but do not have the money or tour around the world for financially poor but rich in spirit!

Do you remember what I was doing the last two years? Yes, I am looking for sponsors for my rowing and sailing Projects. I was even forced to accept the offer from Ukrainoian guys to use their boat Bavaria 48 for a sailing circumnavigation. But to equip the boat for a tour around the world with passengers, which can be very picky on the part of the amenities you need an approximately $ 20 000. I talked to a dozen of potential passengers, and made a decision (logical and appropriate from my point of view) to do everything in my power to not depend on passengers or mythical sponsors. Decided – done! Here’s an example of how with little or no money, you can find a boat, equip it and go on a voyage of your dreams!

So, I invite all those interested to follow me, step by step!

First step:

To begin the process of realizing the dream and not to be burned in the process, you have to get angry!

Second step:

Look under the sofa pillows and wherever else you can and figure out how much money you can get!

Third step:

Посмотреть внимательно вокруг и сделать такое предложение владельцам лодок, которых полно вокруг, от которого они не смогут отказаться!
Look carefully around and make an offer to boat owners, which they can not refuse!

That’s what I did. And the result is…

Please love and favor, – HIKARI, С&C 35′, 1972

She just needs a bit of love and care. Aren’t we all? I hope that we are a perfect match. I promised to love and take care of her. She … said nothing, but I saw her eyes full of gratitude. I hope that we will be good to each other.
Well, very short video for a closer acquaintance, because we will be together for more than a thousand miles!

Wish us luck, good wind and … seven feet under the keel!
And stay in touch, it ewill be exciting, even for me!


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