Around the world without engine and elrctronics!

As you might know – in a few days I am leaving Bermuda for Caribbean. It willtake a week or two. I hope you that will be enough time to discuss my proposition and I hope somebody will find it interesting. Here it is:

We will start a circumnavigation from the Caribbean, with no engine or electronics! The engine will be used only for the passage of the Panama Channel, then it will be sealed by the competent commission. In the case of an emergency it can be used, but in this case the participant is removed from competition.

The only electronics allowed – manual GPS + VHF handheld. Or to make it more interesting – a paper maps plus a sextant or just paper maps, without the VHF.

Prize money: I bet my boat, its worth today, at least $ 30,000. Each participant puts the entry fee of $ 30,000.

Such matters as time and place of launch, the prize fund, number of stops, etc. cjuld be discussed separately!

A winner takes it all!.

I will go anyway and I hope that there are still sailors who rely on their own skills and knowledge, not just ob the the engine and electronics.

With respect to potential participants,

Sergei Morozov

PPS: I would be grateful for help in cross-posting this information.

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Halifax – Bermuda, or how my a..s was kicked

On Monday, December 5, I decided to stop trying to solve the endless problems, which probably could never be solved anyway, and to sail. Fortunately, the major part of preparations has been more or less done, so I invited friends to say good buy and to celebrate my departure.
To say I was calm – will be a lie. I was nervous, excited and hesitated to make a final step. The prospect of meeting with the North Atlantic in winter was scary, but there is no choice, I have to go! And realization that after I leave, there is no turning back, tat I can only move forward, added even more, to already exceeding normal level adrenaline. It could be clearly seen on this video.

Half an hour before the start

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The ice has broken, gentlemen! or Realize the dream pt 7

5th of December, in the afternoon, my father set sail heading for Bermuda. He hopes to get there in a week. For a few hours after he left the marina, we had a cell phone connection, and he told me that the engine again failed, and that Tsylka is very bad (motion sickness).There is a head wind, but let’s hope that will change and that he would not have to maneuver.


From left to right: Anatoly Savelev (old friend), three marina workers, Wayne Blundell (yard foreman), Rexanne Lugar (deceased Anthony Lugar,s wife, Anthony was father’s best friend), Elise Doane (nik Mimi, my boyfriend’s grandmother), another marina worker, Larry Doane (nik Skipper, my boyfriend’s grandfather), Lola и Arthur Kidston (oue good Canadian friends).

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Rowing around the world

Sometimes I am asked what is so special about my circumnavigation that I am trying to attract attention to it. The short answer – my real goal is rowing around the world, circumnavigation is just a preparation for it. I want to go in a rowboat alone around the world without support, intersecting all meridians and the equator twice – in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

A little bit of history

In 1896 two Norwegians, John Harboe and Frank Samuelsen, left New York City (USA) in an open rowboat and reached the Cornwall Peninsula, UK, in 55 days then headed to Gavre, France. That was the first man-powered trans-Atlantic voyage in the history of mankind. Read more »

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Little pleasures of my married life, or – Realize the dream! Pt.3

It has been one month since we got married! Our honeymoon was great. We got to
know a lot of interesting things about each other, and the important thing is that I am
not disappointed in a single thing yet. Furthermore, since yesterday we are living
together, it’s more because of the economic reasons and it’s convenient. So, for the
last two and a half weeks we have done … Read more »

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Little pleasures of my married life, or – Realize the dream! Pt.2

As you might remember, it’s been a while since I got married. She is my forth choice and yet it is not a drawback. I had had some valuable experience that I now gladly share with you. That’s what I started with – to our mutual pleasure.
First of all, I checked and cleared the chain locker and all the closets, chests and lockers. Everything that’s going to be thrown away I put under the keel-block.
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I get married or Realize the dream! Pt 1.

She is a Canadian, born in 1972, i.e. eight years younger than me, her name is Hikari, which means “impulse of light” in Japanese… She is silent, modest. I confess, I felt in love at first sight, because it all happened so quickly and … yes, it was supposed to happen, you know!

For those who really want it, but do not have the money or tour around the world for financially poor but rich in spirit! Read more »

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Hello world!

In a month and a half I am going to start my journey around the world.

Here is my boat – Hikari, she is only 35 feet long but she is a real beauty:). Being short of money, I can afford just the bare necessities, so my journey will be really old-fashioned – the sail, the compass and the wind :)

So, here is my proposition to all organizations, businesses, laboratories, institutes and inventors, who might be interested in testing their products, equipment, electronics, and other stuff. If you want it to be tested in the really tough conditions of around the world journey, lasting from 12 to 14 months – I am your guy.

Here is my another proposition to any media company, newspaper, journalists or any other sponsor. I would like to install the webcam on my boat and to videocast 24/7. Whoever could sponsor renting the satellite communications equipment – will get exclusive rights to my video stream.

Please contact me, I will consider any reasonable offer.

Yours truly.

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